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Abu Dhabi International Airport is preparing to receive passengers at its fresh terminal, commencing in November 2023

Abu Dhabi Airports has unveiled its cutting-edge new terminal at Abu Dhabi International Airport, set to open soon. Originally named the Midfield Terminal Building during construction, it will be referred to as 'Terminal A' and is slated to commence operations in early November 2023.

This addition to Abu Dhabi's rapidly evolving transportation infrastructure represents a significant milestone for the emirate. It has the potential to revolutionize the local aviation landscape, bolster Abu Dhabi's reputation as a preferred destination for travelers, and further enhance its global stature as a hub for trade and commerce.

Terminal A is equipped with the latest technologies, featuring a network of integrated biometric systems that will provide passengers with a seamless, digitized journey from pre-travel preparations to boarding gates. This will be facilitated through self-service kiosks, streamlined security checks, and state-of-the-art baggage handling systems.

Spanning an impressive 742,000 square meters of built-up area, Terminal A ranks among the world's largest airport terminals. It will significantly expand Abu Dhabi International Airport's passenger and cargo handling capabilities, accommodating up to 45 million travelers annually, processing 11,000 passengers per hour, and managing 79 aircraft simultaneously.

The striking architectural design of Terminal A, recognized with international awards, adds a distinctive landmark to Abu Dhabi's skyline. Combining modern aesthetics with functional brilliance, its glass exterior maximizes natural light, creating a monumental civic space inside. In alignment with the UAE's sustainability goals, the terminal incorporates energy-efficient lighting, advanced HVAC systems, and sustainable materials in its construction. To reduce its operational carbon footprint, Terminal A's car park roof hosts an integrated solar photovoltaic system, generating three megawatts and saving nearly 5,300 tons of CO₂ each year.

The terminal will offer an array of world-class amenities, including luxurious lounges, relaxation zones, and spa facilities for travelers to unwind before or after their flights. With 163 retail and dining options catering to various tastes, Terminal A's offerings will appeal to both leisure and business travelers.

His Excellency Sheikh Mohammed bin Hamad bin Tahnoon Al Nahyan, Chairman of Abu Dhabi Airports, stated: "Terminal A, as Abu Dhabi's new global gateway, embodies our commitment to supporting sustainable economic growth in the emirate. The opening of this facility, on par with the largest and most grandiose in the world, marks a new chapter in Abu Dhabi's 55-year aviation history. As a symbol of modernity and sophistication, it will drive our emirate's growth by boosting tourism and trade."

Elena Sorlini, Managing Director & Interim CEO of Abu Dhabi Airports, added: "Terminal A underscores our dedication to providing international passengers and partners with a top-tier airport experience. It represents our commitment to excellence and delivering exceptional services aligned with the evolving priorities of today's travelers. Leveraging the latest technologies, Abu Dhabi's reimagined airport experience will offer a seamless journey, fostering connectivity, interactions, business, trade, and tourism – all critical elements in bolstering Abu Dhabi's global standing.