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Abu Dhabi Introduces Immersive Virtual Reality Tours of Yas Island

Rashed Al Omaira, Chief Commercial Officer at Aldar Development, commented on the launch of the virtual Yas Island tours, saying, "The virtual experience of Yas Island opens up exciting new avenues for a global audience to discover the island's status as a world-class destination for living, visiting, and working."

Utilizing innovative content creation, this immersive experience not only allows us to share the narrative of Abu Dhabi but also enables individuals across the globe to engage with it on a deeply immersive level.

"We're eagerly anticipating the engagement of individuals interacting with Aldar's assets on Yas Island within this virtual environment, with the hope that it sparks their interest in planning a journey to Abu Dhabi in the near future," Al Omaira added.

Mark Whitehead, the CEO of twofour54, emphasized the rising demand for content that captures the essence of Abu Dhabi's captivating story, stating, "Through our community of leading international and regional media enterprises, we witness the escalating appetite for content that tells the remarkable tale of Abu Dhabi."

The launch of this highly interactive platform that offers exploration of one of the emirate's most dynamic destinations perfectly aligns with this growing demand. It exemplifies yet another instance of Abu Dhabi's prowess in virtual content creation.

Saif Rashid Al Noaimi, CEO of Ethara, articulated their mission to pioneer novel events and unlock unique prospects in the realm of events, activations, and entertainment.

"We are thrilled to be part of this distinctive and innovative venture, and we take pride in leading the charge for the event industry in the region. The virtual Yas Island experience resonates with Ethara's vision and Yas Island's ambition to establish itself as a global creative nucleus and preeminent entertainment haven."

Al Noaimi further emphasized their commitment to delivering exhilarating experiences for their audience and creating moments of significance.

The virtual Yas Island experience not only complements Ethara's vision but also harmonizes with Yas Island's aspiration to assert its standing as a global center for creativity and a premier destination for entertainment.

"In our continuous pursuit of delivering awe-inspiring encounters for our supporters, we are excited to bring forth these impactful moments," concluded Al Noaimi.