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Can Car Ownership Be Transferred to a Resident Without a License? Moroor Response

Can Car Ownership Be Transferred to a Resident Without a License? Moroor Response

In Saudi Arabia, the General Directorate of Traffic, commonly referred to as "Moroor," has shed light on the process of transferring car ownership and whether it is permissible to transfer it to a resident who does not possess a driver's license.

Moroor, the traffic authority in Saudi Arabia, has clarified that car ownership cannot be transferred to individuals who do not hold a valid driver's license, with certain exceptions for legal entities. In other words, if a resident lacks a driver's license, they are not eligible to have a vehicle registered in their name. However, there is a provision that allows a legal entity, such as a company, to register a vehicle in its name and designate a qualified driver with a valid driver's license to operate the vehicle.

This policy ensures that only individuals who meet the necessary requirements and qualifications can assume ownership of a vehicle, promoting safety and compliance with the country's traffic regulations. It also emphasizes the importance of having a licensed and responsible driver behind the wheel of a registered vehicle, reducing the risk of accidents and traffic violations.

In summary, while car ownership can be transferred within Saudi Arabia, residents without a valid driver's license are not permitted to register a vehicle in their name unless the vehicle is owned by a legal entity, in which case a licensed driver must be designated to operate the vehicle. Moroor's regulations prioritize road safety and adherence to traffic laws, making sure that vehicles are in capable hands.