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Can Foreign Drivers with a Foreign License Operate Vehicles in Saudi Arabia? Moroor Clarifies

Can Foreign Drivers with a Foreign License Operate Vehicles in Saudi Arabia? Moroor Clarifies

In Saudi Arabia, the General Traffic Department, commonly known as Moroor, has provided clear guidance on the eligibility of foreign drivers who are hired to operate vehicles within the Kingdom using their foreign driving licenses. Moroor addressed this issue through its official Twitter account, ensuring transparency and ease of access to this important information.

Moroor's official statement confirms that individuals employed as drivers in Saudi Arabia are permitted to drive vehicles using their foreign driving licenses, provided that these licenses are valid and issued by their home countries. This privilege is extended to foreign drivers for a maximum duration of three months, as long as their driving licenses are translated by a recognized agency and are suitable for the type of vehicle they are operating.

In addition to this, the General Traffic Department of Saudi Arabia has further clarified that foreign visitors can also operate vehicles within the Kingdom using their valid international or foreign driving licenses. This permission is granted for a period of up to one year, commencing from either the date of entry into Saudi Arabia or the expiration date of their license, whichever occurs first.

This announcement by Moroor serves to streamline and facilitate the process for foreign drivers and visitors in Saudi Arabia, ensuring that they are well-informed about the regulations surrounding the use of their foreign driving licenses. By adhering to these guidelines, foreign individuals can enjoy the freedom and convenience of driving legally within the Kingdom, promoting safe and responsible driving practices.