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Laynah Village in Saudi Arabia: A Glimpse into Ancient Water Wells

Laynah Village in KSA: A Glimpse into Ancient Water Wells

Laynah Village is nestled 105 km south of Rafha in Saudi Arabia's Northern Borders region, and it holds a significant place in the Kingdom's history due to its ancient water wells. These wells, bearing the weight of thousands of years, are shrouded in legends and tales that narrate their origin. Their mystique attracts tourists and travelers from all corners of Saudi Arabia.

According to heritage and antiquities expert Abdulrahman bin Mohammed Al-Tuwaijri, these wells, etched into the solid rocky terrain of the village, are an ancient marvel. Local legends perpetuate that these wells stand as some of the oldest in the northern Arabian Peninsula. Although the area once hosted around 300 original wells, only a handful have managed to stand the test of time.

Tour guide Khalaf bin Jabal Al-Shammari revealed that while much information about the Laynah wells is passed down through oral tradition, academic research remains scarce. "Though scholarly investigations are absent, numerous stories and references echo that these wells, numbering more than 300, are perched on the rocky heights, their origins dating back tens of thousands of years. The identity of those who fashioned these wells remains historically unverified. The region, evidenced by the archaeological treasures of Hegra, was home to many ancient civilizations."

Al-Shammari underscored Laynah's eminence as a vital archaeological site and one of the oldest settlements on the Arabian Peninsula. This village stood along the ancient trade route connecting Najd and Iraq, offering a haven to traveling caravans against the harsh desert environment throughout history.