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NEOM Presents Its Vision for the Future of Saudi Cities at Venice Exhibition

NEOM, the monumental Saudi developer, has unveiled a comprehensive overview of its groundbreaking concept, Zero Gravity Urbanism, which serves as the foundation for the innovative development known as "The Line." This ambitious project is being collaboratively crafted with the global architectural community.

The essence of Zero Gravity Urbanism lies in its commitment to effectively address worldwide environmental and societal challenges. It achieves this by meticulously harmonizing nature preservation, quality of life, and sustainable human advancement. NEOM, the visionary developer behind Saudi Arabia's futuristic city, spearheads this transformative initiative.

The historic Abbazia di San Gregorio in Venice has been chosen as the site for a pivotal exhibition named "Zero Gravity Urbanism – Principles for a New Livability." This exhibition is scheduled to run from May 20 to September 24.

The event offers a platform for internationally acclaimed architects to showcase their visionary proposals for The Line, thereby contributing to this urban revolution. Notable contributors include Morphosis, Sir Peter Cook, UNStudio, Fuksas, Oyler Wu, DMAA, and Adjaye, among others.

Over the span of four months, the exhibition will host a plethora of activities, encompassing educational programs and roundtable discussions featuring prominent architects, scholars, and urban visionaries from across the globe.

NEOM's Zero Gravity Urbanism presents a radical and forward-thinking perspective on urban development, emphasizing a delicate equilibrium between nature, quality of life, and human advancement. This approach aims to reshape the future of cities in a way that is both innovative and harmonious.