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Specializing in demographic transition and the Silver Economy, ON-MEDIO was founded by Jérôme PIGNIEZ and is notably the publisher of SilverEco.fr, the national portal for the Silver Economy. As a dedicated enterprise, ON-MEDIO brings together, guides, and advises companies, local authorities, and stakeholders in the Silver Economy in terms of strategy, web content, monitoring, and events.

SilverEco.fr, the national portal for the Silver Economy, is a media platform that has been listing products and services related to aging well since its establishment in 2008. It disseminates all the latest news and sector-related events, as well as thematic articles and expert opinion pieces. The creation of this online portal originated from the recognition that there was a lack of professional and high-quality information dedicated to gerontechnologies. This observation was shared by industry professionals, associations, users, and their families. SilverEco.fr conducts a national census of Silver Economy stakeholders in an online directory, supplemented with various services to provide visibility and recognition to this ecosystem.

A printed version of the National Directory of the Silver Economy has been published annually since 2014 under the patronage of the Ministry of Economy and Finance, as well as the Ministry of Solidarity and Health. This publication is accompanied by a practical guide containing reference sheets on the Silver Economy. It is complemented by the "Guide du Bien-Vieillir: Ma Vie en Silver" (Guide to Aging Well: My Life in Silver).

3 important points to highlight about SilverEco :

National Portal For The Silver Economy

SilverEco.fr serves as the premier national platform for the Silver Economy. Since its inception in 2008, it has been consistently cataloging products and services related to aging well. It is a reliable source for up-to-date news, events, and in-depth articles within the sector, contributing to a well-informed community. .

Comprehensive Ecosystem Support

ON-MEDIO, the driving force behind SilverEco, extends its expertise in strategy, web content, monitoring, and event management to companies, local authorities, and stakeholders in the Silver Economy. This comprehensive support strengthens the industry by fostering collaboration, knowledge sharing, and strategic growth.

National Recognition And Advocacy

The National Directory of the Silver Economy, published annually since 2014, holds the endorsement of significant ministries, including the Ministry of Economy and Finance and the Ministry of Solidarity and Health. This recognition underscores the importance of the Silver Economy and positions SilverEco as a crucial reference point for information and resources in the field.


We're excited to share that our brand is delighted to join forces with the SilverEco occasion, a dedicated platform focused on promoting well-being and graceful aging. As collaborators, we're dedicated to endorsing endeavors aimed at enhancing the life quality of senior citizens and driving innovation within the silver economy sector.

This strategic partnership bolsters our dedication to crafting products and services specifically tailored to seniors' requirements, with a focus on comfort, security, and an engaged way of life. It's a privilege to be associated with this meaningful event, and we eagerly anticipate our contribution toward shaping a more comprehensive and satisfying society for the elderly.

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