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Red Sea Global Collaborates with Zain KSA to Introduce the World’s First Zero-Carbon 5G Network

Red Sea Global (RSG), the pioneering force driving transformative regenerative tourism ventures such as The Red Sea and Amaala, has joined hands with Zain KSA, a prominent leader in telecom and digital services within the Kingdom. Together, they have unveiled a groundbreaking achievement – the world's inaugural zero-carbon 5G network. This milestone has been inaugurated at the Six Senses Southern Dunes resort, nestled within The Red Sea.

Exclusively designed for The Red Sea, the zero-carbon 5G network represents a pinnacle of technological innovation. This forward-thinking network seamlessly blends cutting-edge connectivity with environmental responsibility. Enabling guests to access the highest speeds for 5G connectivity in the region, this innovation is powered entirely by 100% renewable energy sourced from over 760,000 solar panels meticulously established by Red Sea Global. These solar panels, spanning the expansive 28,000km² destination, underscore RSG's commitment to regenerative tourism development and sustainable practices.

"We are committed to charting the course for global regenerative tourism development, embracing a complete shift to 100% renewable energy at our flagship destination, The Red Sea. Our aim is to achieve a net conservation benefit of 30% by 2040. To achieve these audacious objectives, we require partners who share our ambitious vision.

Innovatively crafted through 3D printing technology, this project effectively fulfills three pivotal objectives: conserving the environment, minimizing emissions by harnessing renewable energy, and mitigating visual disruption. The design of the towers harmonizes seamlessly with The Red Sea's distinctive and vibrant landscape. Taking inspiration from the surrounding rock formations, the towers' exterior aesthetics blend organically into the natural habitat of the resort. This meticulous approach ensures minimal visual impact, preserving the environmental integrity of the entire endeavor.

"As an eminent provider of telecommunications and digital services, we take immense pride in this accomplishment that paves the way for us to emerge as trailblazers in sustainable technology provision. Our partnership with 'Red Sea Global,' one of the world's visionary developers in the realm of sustainable development, reaffirms our commitment to a shared vision. This vision entails achieving human prosperity while safeguarding nature's preservation and sustainability for future generations, as laid out in Saudi Vision 2030," affirmed Eng. Sultan Bin Abdulaziz Al-Deghaither, CEO of Zain KSA. "By prioritizing technology for sustainability through innovation and cutting-edge digital infrastructure development, we can concretize these values.

We remain dedicated to localizing innovation and promoting locally sourced content, having successfully constructed the 5G towers within Saudi Arabia for this project. These remarkable accomplishments further solidify our support for a crucial strategic project within our nation, emphasizing our commitment to achieving Saudi Vision 2030's aspirations for nationwide digital transformation and sustainability. This includes the objectives of achieving carbon neutrality by 2060 and enhancing the Kingdom's overall quality of life."

RSG's choice of partners mirrors their shared values. Zain KSA's unwavering commitment to transitioning the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector to a net-zero framework complements RSG's steadfast dedication to sustainability and regeneration in its resort initiatives. The development of the revolutionary 5G network aligns seamlessly with Vision 2030's overarching goals of bolstering clean energy reliance, curbing carbon emissions, and safeguarding the environment.

Set to welcome its inaugural guests later this year, The Red Sea is set to encompass 50 resorts, offering an impressive array of 8,000 hotel rooms and over 1,000 residential properties sprawled across 22 islands and six inland sites upon completion. The comprehensive destination will also feature luxury marinas, golf courses, entertainment, fine dining, and leisure facilities.