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Red Sea Global Partners with World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC)

Red Sea Global's Collaboration with WTTC Aims to Welcome 1.5 Million Tourists Annually Red Sea Global has forged a strategic partnership with the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) as it sets its sights on attracting 1.5 million tourists each year. Through this collaboration, Red Sea Global (RSG) will collaborate with WTTC to advocate for responsible travel and regenerative tourism.

Tracy Lanza, Group Head of Global Brand and Marketing at Red Sea Global, shared, "In the coming year, we eagerly anticipate hosting our inaugural visitors at The Red Sea destination. Our alliance with WTTC serves as a platform to introduce the world to the captivating beauty, diverse offerings, and cultural heritage of the Saudi Arabian Red Sea coastline."

Lanza added, "At both The Red Sea and Amaala, we are committed to exceeding mere sustainability by striving to create a positive, regenerative influence on both the environment and society. This partnership also enables us to showcase our accomplishments to the industry, illustrating that there exists a superior approach to development and operation—one that encourages others to pursue regenerative tourism for the betterment of humanity and the planet."

Through this alliance, RSG gains the opportunity to share insights and best practices with a network of industry leaders and experts who share their vision of a more sustainable future in tourism. WTTC's roster of destination partners includes other renowned entities like DGDA, NEOM, AlUla, and more.

In addition to benefiting from WTTC's annual Economic Impact Research encompassing over 185 countries and 26 regions globally, RSG will lead strategic initiatives within WTTC, namely Travel and Mobility, Sustainable Future, and Digital Transformation.

WTTC President and CEO Julia Simpson stated, "Red Sea Global's dedication to enhancing communities, boosting economies, and safeguarding our environment perfectly aligns with WTTC's values. Together, we will pioneer a path where innovation, responsibility, and prosperity converge—creating destinations that not only inspire but also actively enrich the lives of all stakeholders."

The anticipated Red Sea and Amaala destinations are projected to generate approximately 120,000 employment opportunities and attract up to 1.5 million tourists annually, thereby invigorating local economies and fostering sustainable growth.

Furthermore, the emphasis on regenerative tourism practices will ensure the preservation of the natural allure and resources of these regions for the enjoyment of future generations.