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Red Sea Global Unveils The Red Sea Farm Cooperative to Revolutionize Tabuk Agricultural Landscape

Red Sea Global (RSG), the pioneering force behind transformative regenerative tourism marvels like The Red Sea and Amaala, proudly announces the inauguration of The Red Sea Farm Cooperative, also referred to as Tamala.

At the heart of this cooperative initiative lies RSG's commitment to catalyze agricultural growth within Saudi Arabia's Tabuk region. Tamala is poised to reshape the agricultural landscape by collaborating with local farmers to augment crop production and promote sustainability. This cooperative model not only benefits farmers by allowing them to directly supply their produce to RSG's resorts but also serves as a conduit for the introduction of innovative farming technologies aimed at boosting production efficiency.

By uniting more than 3,000 farms, with a focus on cultivating citrus fruits, olives, and dates, Tamala is positioned to bolster the farming community surrounding The Red Sea and Amaala destinations. As part of its mission, Tamala fosters a collaborative environment that encourages the exchange of knowledge, best practices, and the implementation of equitable pricing structures for produce. The cooperative's approach empowers local farmers with fresh perspectives and cutting-edge technologies, strategically aligning with RSG's vision to optimize their businesses in tandem with the growth of inbound tourism to the region.

Dr. Abdullah Al-Dubaikhi, the newly appointed Chairman of Tamala, expressed, "Tamala signifies a momentous opportunity for Saudi agriculture. Our comprehensive strategy has been meticulously crafted through extensive research into Tabuk's environmental ecosystems, culminating in the identification of opportunities, challenges, and the rich natural and human resources available to local farmers."

Tamala's establishment is the result of concerted efforts involving both public and private sector collaborations, including partnerships with Ethmar Alriyadah Co. Ltd and Ghoroos Charitable Foundation. A board of directors, consisting of 29 agricultural experts and local farmers, has been established to oversee the cooperative's operations and address the distinctive needs of the participating farmers.

Under the guidance of agricultural experts, farmers will receive insights to maximize the yield of their high-quality produce. This collaborative effort seeks to enhance operational efficiency and facilitate a transition towards sustainable farming methodologies. The educational aspects cover modern techniques like optimizing irrigation practices.

Tamala stands as a testament to RSG's commitment to community-driven initiatives. Building on this foundation, initiatives like Amerah Souq have been launched. Amerah Souq, initiated in December 2022, hosted a series of pilot market days for neighboring towns and villages near The Red Sea. RSG's vision is to establish a permanent presence for the Souq, exploring avenues for enhancing its sustainability in close partnership with governmental and non-governmental entities within the region.