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RoyalJet Group Takes Flight: Secures Bermuda Air Operator Certificate for International Expansion

RoyalJet Group Takes Flight: Secures Bermuda Air Operator Certificate for International Expansion

RoyalJet Group, a renowned player in premium private aviation, has achieved a significant milestone with the recent acquisition of an Air Operator Certificate (AOC) from the Bermuda Civil Aviation Authority (BCAA). This marks the first time the group has received such certification outside the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The newly obtained AOC empowers RoyalJet Bermuda, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the RoyalJet Group based in Abu Dhabi, to engage in commercial operations on aircraft registered in Bermuda and managed by the company. This development positions RoyalJet Bermuda as a key player in the Bermuda aviation landscape.

The inaugural aircraft to come under the purview of RoyalJet Bermuda's AOC is a European-based Boeing Business Jet (BBJ). This state-of-the-art aircraft reflects the group's commitment to delivering top-notch services in the private aviation sector.

The RoyalJet Group's expansion into Bermuda is a strategic move, and the acquisition of the AOC underscores its dedication to meeting the highest aviation standards internationally. This achievement not only enhances the group's global presence but also solidifies its reputation as an award-winning leader in the industry.

With a track record of excellence in private aviation, RoyalJet Group is well-poised to bring its signature service and operational expertise to the Bermuda market. The granting of the AOC by the BCAA opens up new avenues for the group to contribute to the growth and development of the aviation sector in Bermuda.

As RoyalJet Bermuda prepares to take flight under the newly acquired AOC, the aviation community anticipates the positive impact and contributions that the RoyalJet Group will make to the vibrant and dynamic landscape of Bermuda's aviation industry. This development marks a momentous chapter in RoyalJet Group's journey, signifying its commitment to innovation, excellence, and global expansion in the realm of private aviation.