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Saudi Arabia Introduces New Visa on Arrival for Umrah from Multiple Countries

Saudi Arabia has taken a significant step in its visa regulations for Umrah, unveiling a visa on arrival option for citizens from several nations. This change, effective from August 20, 2023, opens the door for travelers from the United States, United Kingdom, various European countries, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, Japan, Kazakhstan, Brunei, and China to secure Umrah visas upon their arrival in the country.

The newly introduced visa on arrival program for Umrah permits entry into Saudi Arabia via sea, air, or land ports, allowing visitors to stay within the kingdom for up to 90 days. Beyond serving the purpose of spiritual journeys, these visas also facilitate family reunions and offer opportunities for exploring the nation's cultural heritage and tourism offerings.

This initiative enables travelers to reconnect with their loved ones who reside in Saudi Arabia and immerse themselves in the diverse experiences the nation has to offer. To avail of this opportunity, eligible visitors are required to pay a visa fee of $117, which includes health insurance coverage.

Applying for a visa on arrival has been made more convenient through Saudi Arabia's official eVisa website. This platform offers detailed information on visa procedures and regulations, ensuring a seamless experience for travelers seeking to benefit from the new visa policy.

Travelers are strongly advised to stay updated with the latest travel and health advisories necessary for their entry into Saudi Arabia. This dynamic change in visa regulations represents Saudi Arabia's commitment to enhancing accessibility and promoting cultural exchange through simplified travel procedures.