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Strict Penalties for Overtaking School Buses in Saudi Arabia

Strict Penalties for Overtaking School Buses in Saudi Arabia

In a recent announcement, the General Directorate of Traffic (Moroor) in Saudi Arabia has reiterated the fines imposed on drivers who overtake school buses when they come to a stop for loading or unloading students. This measure has been reinforced to ensure the safety of students and to maintain traffic order in the Kingdom.

The General Traffic Department, using its official Twitter account, stated that overtaking school buses during these critical moments constitutes a significant traffic violation. The penalties for this violation now range between 3,000 riyals to 6,000 riyals.

The rationale behind these strict fines is to dissuade vehicle drivers from disregarding the safety of students and to maintain order on the roads. Overtaking a stopped school bus can have dire consequences and poses a substantial risk to the well-being of children who are boarding or disembarking from the bus.

The Saudi Moroor, along with the General Directorate of Traffic, is urging all drivers to adhere to these regulations and not to overtake school buses when they stop for the safety of both the students and the general public. This initiative is aimed at preserving and ensuring the safety of students while they travel to and from their educational institutions.

These fines underscore the seriousness with which Saudi Arabia takes traffic safety, particularly concerning the protection of its young citizens. It is imperative for all vehicle drivers in the Kingdom to respect these regulations and contribute to creating a safe and secure environment for students as they commute to school.