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Tabuk Coastline: A Haven of 100 Islands and Stunning Beaches

Tabuk boasts an expansive coastline stretching 700 kilometers, cradling approximately 100 islands and captivating beaches. From Haql in the north, traversing Al-Bida and Duba, to reaching Al-Wajh and Umluj in the west, this picturesque region unveils the allure of the northwestern Kingdom.

A haven for many, this pristine expanse has become increasingly popular since the launch of Vision 2030, a visionary initiative focused on environmental preservation and tourism promotion through transformative projects like NEOM, Amaala, and the Red Sea.

Tabuk emerges as a sanctuary for migratory birds, bridging the gap between Asia and Europe. The region, along with its surrounding islands, offers ivory-white beaches and translucent turquoise waters, a tempting invitation for visitors to disconnect from technology and modern hustle, immersing themselves in nature's embrace.

In Umluj, the famous Duqum Tourist Beach beckons with its rolling sand dunes, vibrant coral reefs, and a vibrant marine ecosystem that sets the stage for thrilling escapades.

Around 170 kilometers to the north lies Al-Wajh, home to Sharm Za’em and Al-Durar beaches, adorned with unique rock formations and coral reefs. An additional 40 kilometers leads to the breathtaking beauty of Hawaz Beach.

In the south, Al Rumaila, Wahban, Al-Harraba, Al-Ma’aliq, Al-Falaq, Antar, Umm Anam, Al-Seeh, Al-Nakhira, and Umm Al-Tin showcase their sandy shores and crystal-clear waters. Duba, approximately 150 kilometers from Al-Wajh, holds serene beaches like Al-Sajdah, Al-Muwailih, Sharma, Al-Sura, Al-Khuraiba, and Qayal.

Moving 200 kilometers further from Duba, Al-Bidaa reveals its beaches nestled within the valley of Al-Tayyib Asm, offering a majestic view of the mountains.

Haql Beach, positioned 93 kilometers from Al-Bida, boasts a distinctive climate compared to other Kingdom beaches, characterized by low humidity levels and translucent waters. The historic site of Al-Nakhil in Haql features a crescent-shaped beach framed by southern mountains.

From Al-Sultanah, Umm Anam, Shureh, and Al-Wasl beaches, the vistas extend beyond the horizon, offering a clear glimpse of several neighboring countries of the Kingdom.