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Abbey of Vaux de Cernay: A Tranquil Oasis in the Paris Region

Abbey of Vaux de Cernay: A Tranquil Oasis in the Paris Region

Nestled just 45 minutes away from the bustling streets of Paris, the Abbey of Vaux de Cernay emerges as a vast playground in the midst of pristine nature. This enchanting destination has become the latest jewel in Paris Society's crown, offering a captivating blend of history and modernity.

Originally rooted in the Cistercian tradition, the abbey boasts a rich history that spans centuries, including a notable era under the Rothschild family. Today, it has undergone a remarkable transformation into a contemporary retreat, where chic modern design harmoniously mingles with the tranquility of luxurious surroundings.

At the helm of this living masterpiece is Cordélia de Castellane, the renowned Artistic Director of Dior Maison. Her creative touch has infused the abbey with a unique and sophisticated charm, making it a haven for those seeking a cultural escape.

The Abbey of Vaux de Cernay goes beyond being a mere travel destination; it is a cultural and unique attraction in its own right. Visitors can immerse themselves in the historical tapestry of the Cistercian order while experiencing the opulence of the Rothschild legacy. The abbey stands as a testament to the seamless integration of past and present, offering a glimpse into the evolution of this sacred space.

For families seeking a retreat that transcends the ordinary, the Abbey of Vaux de Cernay provides a serene haven. Surrounded by lush greenery and historic architecture, it offers a peaceful getaway for both young and old. The spacious grounds serve as an ideal backdrop for family adventures, creating lasting memories amidst the abbey's timeless beauty.

In addition to its allure for families, the abbey has also become a sought-after destination for those in search of luxury hotels. The accommodation options reflect the refined taste and elegance synonymous with the Paris Society brand, providing a lavish retreat for discerning travelers.

For those with business on their minds, the Abbey of Vaux de Cernay extends its hospitality to meetings and conferences. The historic and picturesque surroundings offer a unique setting for corporate gatherings, ensuring a productive yet inspiring atmosphere for attendees.

Amidst the cultural richness and business amenities, the abbey prioritizes the well-being of its guests. Spa facilities are crafted to provide a rejuvenating experience, allowing visitors to unwind and indulge in a moment of relaxation amidst the abbey's serene ambiance.

In conclusion, the Abbey of Vaux de Cernay stands as a testament to the seamless integration of history and modern luxury. Whether you are drawn to its cultural significance, seeking a family retreat, planning a luxurious escape, or organizing a corporate event, this enchanting destination offers a versatile and captivating experience for all.