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Al-Hima Castle – A Historic Landmark in Damad Governorate, Southern Saudi Arabia

Jazan boasts a treasure trove of ancient archaeological sites that bear witness to civilizations of bygone eras, unravelling the intricate tapestry of the region's political, cultural, and economic history.

The narrative of the past reverberates through the silent echoes of ancient cities, towns, castles, and mosques. These vestiges reveal tales of yore, etched into rock structures, ceramic remnants, inscriptions, and the serendipitous discovery of rare artifacts.

Among these architectural marvels, standing proudly as a testament to history, is Al-Hima Castle. Nestled just 20 km east of Damad, it gazes over the tranquil expanse of Damad Valley - a place of significant renown in Tihama. The castle's origin dates back to 1840, attributed to the visionary Hussein bin Ali Al-Khairat. Sheikh Ali Al-Madir, the village's wise figure, notes that the weathered castle, cast in a square shape, is a mosaic of rocks, burnt red bricks, and volcanic stones, carefully interwoven into an array of geometric configurations.

This ancient stronghold possibly comprised two stories, with rooms that seem to have nestled side by side, adorned with pointed arched entrances that tell tales of countless footsteps that once echoed within.

A central courtyard forms the heart of the edifice, and subtle remnants of a well whisper stories of a time when water was drawn. Evidences of storage chambers hark back to an era when provisions were meticulously gathered and preserved.

While the castle's western visage now boasts modern walls, the eastern and northern facades lay crumbled, their grandeur all but lost to the sands of time.