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Changing Professions in Saudi Arabia: An Insight into Jawazat Response

Changing Professions in Saudi Arabia: An Insight into Jawazat Response

In Saudi Arabia, the General Directorate of Passports, commonly known as Jawazat, plays a pivotal role in handling various immigration and labor-related matters. Recently, a pertinent question was posed to them via their official Twitter handle, which inquired about the possibility of changing one's profession from a private driver to that of a domestic worker under the same sponsor.

The inquiry raised an important issue related to labor mobility and flexibility within the kingdom. In response to this query, the Saudi Jawazat provided clarification. They greeted the question with customary politeness, saying, "Peace be Upon you," and proceeded to explain the situation.

Jawazat emphasized that, according to prevailing instructions, it is not permissible to change the profession of a private driver to that of a domestic worker while retaining the same sponsor. This clarification sheds light on the regulations and limitations surrounding labor mobility and the transfer of professions in Saudi Arabia.

The response from Jawazat highlights the importance of understanding the regulations and guidelines governing the labor market in the country. It also underscores the significance of adhering to these regulations to ensure compliance with the law. Employers and employees alike need to be aware of the specific rules governing profession changes and sponsorships to avoid any legal complications.

While this particular inquiry may not have yielded the desired outcome, it serves as a reminder of the need for individuals to be well-informed about their rights and obligations in the Saudi labor market. This clarity and understanding can help both employees and employers navigate the intricacies of the system more effectively and in compliance with the law.

In conclusion, the response from Jawazat reiterates the importance of adhering to established regulations when it comes to changing professions and sponsorships in Saudi Arabia. It is essential for individuals to be aware of these regulations to ensure a smooth and legal transition in their employment within the kingdom.