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Dewan Leads Design for Qiddiya Water Theme Park, a Futuristic Oasis

Dewan, a distinguished architectural, engineering, and planning firm, has been selected as the lead design consultant for the visionary Qiddiya Water Theme Park, a cutting-edge destination.

Having successfully conceptualized the design, Dewan is now overseeing the tangible realization of this remarkable development. Collaborating with a seasoned team of experts in water theme park design, ride vendors, engineering, and infrastructure specialists, Dewan is driving the project's innovation.

The newly unveiled Qiddiya Water Theme Park stands as a flagship endeavor within the forward-looking Qiddiya destination. This extraordinary realm is globally renowned for its immersive experiences spanning sports, wellness, nature, attractions, mobility, and arts, positioning Qiddiya as the epicenter of entertainment, sports, and arts, not just in Saudi Arabia but on the world stage. Since establishing its inaugural office in Abu Dhabi in 1984, Dewan has been instrumental in envisioning diverse landscapes, enriched cities, and suburban communities throughout the Middle East.

Ammar Al Assam, CEO at Dewan, expressed pride in contributing to Qiddiya's transformative vision, stating, "We are immensely honored to play a role in the realization of Qiddiya and its groundbreaking projects. Dewan is fully committed to supporting HH Mohammed Bin Salman’s 2030 vision and eagerly anticipates expanding our footprint within the Kingdom."

Under the guidance of His Royal Highness Mohammed bin Salman, Crown Prince, Deputy Prime Minister, and Chairman of the Council of Economic and Development Affairs, the Qiddiya Board of Directors unveiled a strategic blueprint for the long-term development of the site, a pivotal aspect of Vision 2030. This blueprint emphasizes economic diversification and heightened domestic expenditure on leisure and entertainment.

Set in close proximity to Riyadh, the Qiddiya Water Theme Park will be a central attraction, covering an expansive 337,948m² of land. With 22 rides, including nine groundbreaking world-firsts, the park promises an exhilarating experience. It draws inspiration from native animals and habitats, offering nine distinct districts such as Camel Rock, the Den, the Herding Grounds, and Arabian Peak. The water park's vastness will surpass that of any similar attraction globally, standing at 137,948m² larger.

In harmony with the overarching giga-project, the water park carries an estimated budget of $750 million. Dewan's progressive vision integrates smart technology to align operations with sustainability objectives. Highly advanced environmental systems, reducing water usage by 75% compared to conventional practices, underline Dewan's commitment to ecological responsibility. Additionally, strategies mitigating evaporation concerns are employed. The park's cutting-edge facilities are poised to host global water tournaments.

Dewan's industry recognition and numerous accolades underscore its adoption of groundbreaking technologies in construction, design, and architecture, all geared toward sustainability and revolutionary concepts. The interdisciplinary team excels in managing intricate projects of all scales, striving to uplift the communities they touch and promoting architecture's role in nurturing thriving societies.

With a close partnership with the Qiddiya Investment Company, Dewan maintains a vigilant approach, ensuring the creation of a destination that safeguards ecosystems, native inhabitants, the environment's future, and the forthcoming generations of visitors.