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Qiddiya Awards $750 Million Contract for Largest Water Theme Park in the Region

The Qiddiya Investment Company (QIC) has taken a monumental step by granting a $750 million (SAR 2.8 billion) contract to a joint venture between ALEC Saudi Arabia Engineering & Contracting and El Seif Engineering Contracting.

The upcoming Qiddiya Water Theme Park, set to be Saudi Arabia's inaugural and the region's most extensive water theme park, stands as a pivotal entertainment attraction within Qiddiya, Riyadh's colossal entertainment megaproject.

Encompassing a sprawling 252,000m² expanse of land, the park will host an impressive collection of 22 rides and attractions, nine of which will claim the distinction of being world-firsts. At the heart of the design lies an emphasis on advanced environmental systems, meticulously crafted to minimize water usage through recycling and intelligent utilization—a hallmark of QIC's commitment to sustainability practices.

Certain rides are designed to operate with a remarkable 75% less water consumption compared to conventional counterparts found in other water parks. Rainwater will be efficiently captured, treated, and repurposed for irrigational needs on-site.

Moreover, cutting-edge technologies will be seamlessly integrated to reduce water pressure in select rides, leading to a 50% reduction in water evaporation. Each pool within the complex will adopt a 'run-out' concept, allowing visitors to glide safely across shallower pools at the end of exhilarating slides, thereby conserving water compared to traditional deep pools employed in other parks.

The park's nine distinct zones—such as Camel Rock, Dub Grotto, Wave Wadi, the Den, Viper Canyon, Arabian Peak, the Herding Grounds, and Surf Lagoon—take inspiration from the native fauna of the Qiddiya region.

Qiddiya's offerings are rooted in five foundational elements: Parks & Attractions, Sports & Wellness, Arts & Culture, Motion & Mobility, and Nature & Environment, complemented by a range of real estate choices and community services. The Water Theme Park will serve as a flagship component of the Parks & Attractions facet.

The Formal Agreement with El Seif-ALEC JV The formal signing of the agreement transpired between Abdullah Aldawood, QIC's board member and managing director, Kez Taylor, ALEC's CEO, and Ahmed Al-Bassam, El Seif's CEO. This momentous occasion took place at the Qiddiya Experience Centre, followed by a groundbreaking ceremony symbolizing the commencement of construction.

Abdullah Aldawood of QIC expressed, "The Qiddiya Water Theme Park will offer an immersive family entertainment destination year-round, delivering unparalleled experiences previously unseen in Saudi Arabia."

Kez Taylor from ALEC remarked, "We take immense pride in collaborating with El Seif on this remarkable project. ALEC's established proficiency in large-scale theme park projects, combined with El Seif's local expertise, will redefine regional standards at Qiddiya, offering unique experiences for adventure enthusiasts of all ages."

Ahmed Al-Bassam of El Seif affirmed that their strategic alliance with ALEC positions them as a preferred choice for complex projects within the Kingdom. The duo's collaborative effort, securing the Water Theme Park contract, reflects their dedication to deliver an extraordinary entertainment facility—a landmark first for Saudi Arabia and the region.

In a resounding conclusion, Al-Bassam conveyed, "We extend our gratitude to Qiddiya for entrusting our JV with this endeavor. We eagerly anticipate joining forces with ALEC to craft a world-class entertainment hub—the largest in the region and a pioneering addition to Saudi Arabia's landscape."