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DGDA and National Housing Company (NHC) Join Forces through Collaborative Agreement

The Diriyah Gate Development Authority (DGDA) and the National Housing Company (NHC) have solidified their partnership by signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). This strategic agreement aims to foster collaboration in areas of mutual interest that primarily serve the housing sector. The partnership is set to enhance urban planning initiatives and promote designs that align with building codes around Wadi Hanifah and its interconnected tributaries.

The core objective of this MoU is to establish a seamless integration between DGDA and NHC. By doing so, a broader spectrum of design options will be made available to NHC clients operating within DGDA's jurisdiction. To achieve this, a series of collaborative workshops, initiatives, and projects will be initiated. These endeavors will facilitate the exchange of vital data, statistical insights, and domain expertise between the two entities. Jerry Inzerillo, the Group CEO of DGDA, emphasized the pivotal role of this MoU, revealing that it encompasses a joint design studio workshop that involves DGDA, NHC, and its associated architects. This collaborative platform will ensure that all initiatives within DGDA's jurisdiction are aligned and informed.

DGDA's Exploratory Path with NHC The agreement's scope also extends to exploring future collaborative avenues, depending on mutual consent. Furthermore, DGDA is committed to hosting workshops aimed at clarifying building codes applicable in the Wadi Hanifah area. This initiative seeks to ensure a clear understanding of the regulatory framework surrounding this significant locale, as explained by Inzerillo.

His Excellency Mohammed bin Salih Al Batti, the CEO of NHC, underscored the strategic importance of the MoU. He highlighted its role in charting a collaborative roadmap for both parties. This roadmap includes the creation of a dedicated DGDA microsite within NHC's Sakani website. This digital space will be tailored to residents within DGDA-managed regions, offering a platform to showcase designs that adhere to building codes in the Wadi Hanifah area. The microsite will also host DGDA's designs and platforms, enhancing transparency and accessibility for stakeholders.

Through this synergistic partnership, DGDA and NHC aim to fortify their commitment to advancing the housing sector's sustainability and promoting harmonious urban development.