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Diriyah Gate Development Unveils MAIZ: A Culinary and Cultural Marvel

MAIZ, a remarkable fine-dining haven, is poised to grace the vibrant landscape of the billion-dollar Diriyah Gate development project. Conceived as an extraordinary culinary destination, MAIZ is the brainchild of Al Khozama, a prominent player in the Gulf's hospitality sector. Collaboratively nurtured by the Saudi Ministry of Culture, Saudi Heritage Commission, Saudi Culinary Commission, and the Diriyah Gate Development Authority (DGDA), MAIZ stands as a testament to the deep-rooted authenticity of Saudi cuisine, culture, and heritage.

Central to MAIZ's essence is its menu—a masterpiece in its own right. It elegantly presents a fusion of Saudi dishes artfully crafted with a contemporary twist. This culinary innovation is poised to carve a new niche, aptly named "The Saudi Food," destined to captivate palates worldwide. Set within a sophisticated ambiance, MAIZ extends a warm welcome to individuals from all walks of life, embodying the essence of Saudi heritage.

Khaled Saud Abu Haimed, CEO of Al-Khozama, expounded, "MAIZ goes beyond being a mere hospitality concept; it embodies an extraordinary journey through the kingdom's heritage and culture. As the true Saudi restaurant of the world, MAIZ sets forth the pinnacle of culinary excellence, positioned to be the ultimate choice for tourists and residents alike. It offers an unparalleled culinary expedition to all its patrons."

The establishment of MAIZ within Diriyah Gate mirrors the visionary stride of Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030. This ambitious endeavor underscores the pivotal roles of tourism and entertainment. Diriyah Gate unfurls a panorama that weaves history through a meticulously curated blend of heritage, hospitality, information, retail, and dining experiences.

Anticipated to welcome over 100,000 residents and host 25 million annual visitors, Diriyah Gate is on track to emerge as a global epicenter for fine dining and leisure. Amidst its grandeur, DGDA has unveiled plans for an array of 18 globally-renowned restaurants within a sprawling 15,000 square meters locale at Matal Al Bujairi. This collective endeavor celebrates the convergence of culinary artistry and cultural celebration at the heart of the Diriyah Gate development project.