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Diriyah Initiates Mosque Design Contest for Young Saudi Architects

Diriyah, the Saudi City of Earth, has launched an exciting initiative that calls for the talents of emerging Saudi architects. The Diriyah Company has introduced a Local Mosque Design Competition, providing young architects with an exceptional platform to showcase their expertise and contribute to the city's architectural legacy. As reported by the Saudi Press Agency (SPA), this competition serves a dual purpose: it enriches the local community and visitors' experiences while also honoring Diriyah's cultural and architectural heritage, emphasizing its regional significance.

Scheduled to run until December 31, 2023, this significant competition seeks creative input for the design of two identical mosques, to be constructed at separate locations within Diriyah. The competition aligns with the Diriyah Company's mission of preserving and promoting Najdi architecture, encouraging community involvement, and furthering the city's development.

In adherence to the competition's guidelines, participating architects will need to employ traditional Najdi construction techniques and materials in crafting these mosques. Exclusively available to Saudi architecture students in their junior and senior years of accredited architecture programs, the competition allows individual participation or team collaboration comprising three to five members.

The competition also places a strong emphasis on sustainability, urging participants to integrate eco-friendly practices into their designs. By doing so, the competition aims to heighten awareness and stimulate innovative solutions for environmentally conscious architecture. This initiative propels future architects of the kingdom to explore innovative ways of transforming Diriyah into a sustainable destination, dedicated to responsible practices.

Prospective participants can access comprehensive information, including eligibility criteria and submission guidelines, through the competition's dedicated website. The site facilitates registration and submission of entries. An expert panel from the Diriyah Company will oversee the review process, selecting the top 10 entries that best capture the essence of Diriyah. These shortlisted participants will then present their finalized plans to a panel of professionals hailing from the architectural, construction, and design sectors, as detailed in the SPA report.

From these submissions, three standout entries will be identified as winners, each receiving a cash prize. This acknowledgment not only celebrates their creative accomplishments but also their contribution to Diriyah's ongoing development.

Engaging Saudi youth in the evolution of the 'City of Earth' remains a core objective for the Diriyah Company. This competition aims to nurture the skills of budding architects, fostering a sense of ownership and pride within the local community. Ultimately, this initiative aspires to establish a deeper connection between Diriyah's cultural heritage and the aspirations of the kingdom's youth.

Registration for the Local Mosque Competition will be open until July 25, providing an opportunity for young architects to make their mark on Diriyah architectural landscape.