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Extending Visit Visas in Saudi Arabia Made Easier through Online Process

Extending Visit Visas in Saudi Arabia Made Easier through Online Process

Visitors to Saudi Arabia can now conveniently extend their visit visas online without the need to physically visit the General Directorate of Passports (Jawazat). The Saudi Jawazat has issued a reminder to individuals in the Kingdom holding various types of visit visas to comply with the laws and regulations governing their visas. To ensure visa validity, travelers can extend their visit visas up to seven days before the expiration date through the Absher platform.

The new online extension process applies to single-entry visit visas, and it offers a hassle-free solution for those wishing to prolong their stay in the country. The Absher platform offers multiple avenues for the extension process, allowing individuals to choose the method that suits them best. Extensions can be facilitated through Absher Individuals, Absher Business, and the Muqeem platforms.

This streamlined online procedure not only simplifies the visa extension process but also reduces the need for in-person visits to Jawazat offices. By extending their visit visas online, travelers can ensure compliance with Saudi Arabia's visa regulations and enjoy their stay without unnecessary bureaucratic hurdles.

Whether for business, tourism, or family visits, the option to extend visit visas online offers greater flexibility and convenience to visitors in Saudi Arabia. By adhering to the seven-day rule before the visa's expiration date, travelers can make the most of their time in the Kingdom without concerns about visa status. Saudi Arabia's commitment to digitizing and streamlining visa services underscores its dedication to providing a more efficient and visitor-friendly experience for tourists and business travelers alike.