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GACA Introduces New Regulations for Passenger Rights Protection

GACA Introduces New Regulations for Passenger Rights Protection

In a significant move to enhance the rights and privileges of air travelers, the General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has announced the implementation of a groundbreaking regulation set to take effect on November 20, 2023. This new directive supersedes the existing executive order and represents a pivotal step towards safeguarding the interests of passengers.

The primary objective of these fresh regulations is to provide passengers with an improved and more efficient air travel experience when journeying to, from, and within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. GACA has taken a proactive stance in ensuring that travelers are entitled to appropriate care, support, and compensation in various scenarios, including flight delays, cancellations, advancements, and instances of denied boarding due to overbooking or downgrading.

The new framework comprises a comprehensive set of 30 articles, each designed to address the diverse challenges that passengers may encounter during their air travel. Among the key provisions are those offering compensation at levels of up to 150% and 200% of the ticket's cost, demonstrating the commitment of the Kingdom to prioritize passenger satisfaction and well-being.

These regulations signify a crucial milestone in the realm of air transportation services, emphasizing GACA's dedication to providing passengers with a safer and more comfortable journey. The Kingdom's aviation sector is poised to benefit from the increased efficiency and effectiveness that these regulations promise to bring, making it a noteworthy development for both the aviation industry and travelers alike.