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Indulge in 18 Days of Self-Care and Tranquility at the AlUla Wellness Festival
Embrace relaxation at the upcoming AlUla Wellness Festival 2023. Returning to the historic haven of AlUla, the wellness festival will take place from Thursday, October 18, to Saturday, November 4, marking the third iteration of this event. The AlUla Wellness Festival spans over 18 days and is dedicated to unveiling the potential of serenity, art, and the natural world under the guidance of wellness experts. Its mission is to rejuvenate both the mind and body—a universal aspiration we can all embrace. Escape the demands of everyday life and immerse yourself in a lineup of rejuvenating experiences, ranging from yoga sessions at the Five Senses Sanctuary to detoxification packages that blend spa treatments with invigorating exercise routines. Additionally, embark on a peaceful, silent hike covering four kilometers through the Hidden Valley. For those seeking a more musical endeavor, live concerts await at the Maraya venue. Comprehensive information, including pricing details, will be announced soon. Stay tuned to Time Out for the latest updates. And don't miss out on more extraordinary experiences: Discover the wonders of summer in AlUla, featuring an array of captivating sights and activities. Planning a visit to AlUla? If you're up for a challenging summer pursuit, consider participating in the Desert Blaze race taking place this August in AlUla. For enthusiasts of music, the AZIMUTH music festival promises an exciting celebration during the Saudi National Day 2023 weekend. From Thursday, October 18, to Saturday, November 4, come experience AlUla. Learn more at experiencealula.com.