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Louis Berger JV Secures NEOM Power Generation Contract for Oxagon Floating Industrial Zone

Louis Berger Services, a prominent firm specializing in professional engineering services, has announced that its joint venture with KFB Holding Group/Exap Contracting has successfully secured a significant power generation contract. This contract is intended for the development of the innovative floating industrial zone known as Oxagon, situated within Saudi Arabia's visionary city, NEOM.

Louis Berger Services, which is an affiliate of the esteemed engineering consulting company WSP, possesses expertise in a wide range of services, including turnkey power projects, infrastructure operations, maintenance, logistics, and ground support services.

In accordance with the agreement, Louis Berger Services' joint venture, named LBPKSA, will take on the role of the engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) contractor. Their responsibilities encompass the design, supply, and installation of a containerized diesel power plant for the Saudi Arabian Trading & Construction Company (Satco).

The diesel power plant is specifically tailored for prime power applications, enabling it to deliver consistent 24/7 power operations to both developers and residents of Oxagon, who are actively involved in constructing the city.

This recent contract marks LBPKSA's third engagement in power generation projects dedicated to the NEOM region's visionary initiatives.

In adherence to the contract, the joint venture has already delivered environmentally friendly power solutions to Satco and the Al Tamimi Group. These solutions have been instrumental in establishing two residential camps, collectively known as NEOM Construction Village 2, designed to accommodate 30,000 individuals within the forward-looking city.

For Satco, the Louis Berger JV executed the engineering, supply, installation, testing, and commissioning of a hybrid power plant. This plant seamlessly integrates solar photovoltaic (PV) technology, along with an innovative automated robotic cleaning system, alongside conventional power sources and battery energy storage.

This hybrid power system is projected to significantly reduce annual carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by 6,491.7 tonnes, accompanied by a substantial decrease in diesel fuel consumption amounting to 2,801,100 liters per year.

Louis Berger Services reports that its joint venture has already embarked on another power generation contract, employing cutting-edge Cummins generator technology. This endeavor is geared towards facilitating the construction of the residential camp at Oxagon, one of NEOM's ambitious urban projects within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Oxagon is slated to be an expansive floating city spanning 7 kilometers in width, setting a new global record as the largest floating structure.

LBPKSA has impressively designed, constructed, installed, and tested/commissioned a solar PV power plant for the Al Tamimi Group, integrating an advanced robotic cleaning mechanism with the existing conventional power infrastructure.

This implementation of solar PV technology is anticipated to achieve substantial reductions of 8,093 tons in annual CO2 emissions, alongside a noteworthy decrease in diesel fuel consumption, estimated at 3,492,300 liters per year.