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New Electronic Services for Birth and Death Certificates Launched on Absher

New Electronic Services for Birth and Death Certificates Launched on Absher

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia - The Saudi Data and Artificial Intelligence Authority (SDAIA), in collaboration with the National Information Center and the Acting Undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior for Civil Status, Lieutenant General Suleiman Al-Yahya, have unveiled a range of innovative electronic services for Civil Affairs through the Absher platform. The launch event took place at the Ministry of Interior's employees club in Riyadh.

These newly introduced services represent a significant advancement in streamlining administrative processes related to civil status documentation. Citizens and resident expatriates in Saudi Arabia will now have access to a range of digital services, including the ability to view digital birth certificates, issue and access death certificates, and verify the authenticity of digital birth and death certificates.

One of the key features of this new service is the digital birth certificate display service on the Absher platform, which enables both male and female Saudi citizens, as well as resident expatriates, to view their family members' or beneficiaries' digital birth certificates. Furthermore, the system allows for the convenient option of printing these certificates, making it easier than ever to obtain this essential documentation.

Another essential service offered through Absher is the digital death certificate issue service. This service is available to both male and female Saudi citizens and resident expatriates. It streamlines the process of electronically registering the deaths of loved ones, parents, or employees who are under sponsorship. When informed of a death by a hospital, users can now use this service to ensure that all the necessary paperwork is promptly and efficiently processed.

These new electronic services are a testament to the Saudi government's commitment to modernizing and simplifying administrative processes for its citizens and residents. By leveraging technology and digital platforms, the government aims to provide efficient, accessible, and user-friendly services that enhance the overall quality of life for all individuals living in Saudi Arabia. This initiative is expected to facilitate quicker and more convenient access to vital documents, ultimately making government services more citizen-centric and efficient.